Micro motor

What are the types of micro motor motors?

1. Classification by structure and working principle

Micro motor  can be divided into asynchronous micro motors and synchronous micro motors according to their structure and working principle. Synchronous micromotors can also be divided into permanent magnet synchronous micromotors, reluctance synchronous micromotors, and hysteresis synchronous micromotors. Asynchronous micro motors can be divided into induction micro motors and AC commutator micro motors.

2. Classified by operating speed

Micro motors can be divided into high-speed micro motors, low-speed micro motors, constant speed micro motors, and variable speed micro motors according to their operating speed. Low speed micro motors are further divided into gear reduction micro motors, electromagnetic reduction micro motors, torque micro motors, and claw pole synchronous micro motors.

3. Classification by purpose

Micro motors can be divided into driving micro motors and control micro motors according to their purpose. Micro motors for driving are further divided into micro motors for electric tools, micro motors for household appliances, and micro motors for other general small mechanical equipment. Micro motors for control are further divided into stepper micro motors and servo micro motors.


4. Classification by rotor structure

Micro motors can be divided into cage induction micro motors and wound rotor induction micro motors according to the structure of the rotor.

5. Classification by working power supply

According to the different working power sources of micro motors, they can be divided into DC micro motors and AC micro motors. Among them, AC micro motors are also divided into single-phase micro motors and three-phase micro motors.

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