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How use of vulcanized fiber ?

vulcanized fiber:
  1. Washers: Vulcanized fiber is often used to create washers due to its durability and resistance to moisture and chemicals.
  2. Gaskets: Similar to washers, vulcanized fiber is commonly used to create gaskets for sealing applications.
  3. Electrical insulators: Vulcanized fiber is an excellent electrical insulator, making it a popular choice for use in electrical equipment and components.
  4. Friction discs: Vulcanized fiber can be used to create friction discs for use in machinery and equipment.
  5. Abrasive discs: Due to its toughness and resistance to wear, vulcanized fiber can be used to create abrasive discs for sanding and grinding applications.
  6. Laminates: Vulcanized fiber can be laminated with other materials to create composite materials with unique properties, such as increased strength or improved electrical conductivity.
  7. Sporting goods: Vulcanized fiber is used in the production of various sporting goods, such as archery bows, fishing rods, and hockey sticks.
  8. Automotive parts: Vulcanized fiber is used in the production of various automotive parts, such as clutch facings and brake linings.
  9. Industrial applications: Vulcanized fiber is used in various industrial applications, such as insulation for boilers and pipes, and as a material for gaskets and seals.
  10. The specific applications of vulcanized fiber can vary depending on the specific properties and manufacturing process of the material.