thickness 10mm vulcanized fiber use on guiding board and comber board

8mm 10mm Vulcanized fiber is a suitable material for use in guiding boards and comber boards. A thickness of 10mm would provide the necessary stiffness, toughness and durability needed in these applications.

Guiding Boards are used to guide materials through industrial processes such as textile manufacturing while Comber Boards are components found within cotton processing machinery that work to sort fibers into parallel lines before further processing can occur.

The high dielectric strength offered by vulcanized fiber makes it an ideal electrical insulator, which ensures there’s no risk of short circuits during operation . Additionally its unique combination of physical attributes like being lightweight,cost-effective & chemical resistance make it well suited for use across multiple industries including those mentioned above .

Overall, using 10mm thick Vulcanised Fibre would be an excellent choice when designing/generating custom shapes/sizes/components required for guiding board -comber board due largely to fact that this material offers outstanding performance characteristics including high dielectric strength,resistance against heat ,moisture,and chemicals making it one more widely applied materials around today