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Get Wellele’s Vulcanized fiber  sheet tube washer board  and Keep your customers happy!
Vulcanized fibre  is made from 100% cotton pulp raw material for superior material performance. All vulcan fibre   products we manufacture are SGS certified!
vulcanized fiber sheet 0.8mm to 10mm

Vulcanized fiber sheet

Custom Vulcanized Fiber Sheet :0.7mm to 60mm thickness .help you to cut any size . Color:red ,green/black,grey,white.More

Roll Vulcanized fish paper

Custom Vulcanized Fiber Roll :0.4mm to 1.5mm thickness .help you to cut any size . Color:red ,green/black,grey,white.More

Gasket washer slot

Custom Vulcanized Fiber WASHER GASKET  :0.7mm to 60mm thickness .help you to cut any size shape SLOT -PEG-SPACER-DISC  etcs . Color:red ,green/black,grey,white.More

Vucanized fiber tube

Custom Vulcanized fiber tube ID4mm to ID80mm ,thickness :0.2mm to 8mm .Length:5mm to 1400mm ,Color:red /grey/blue/green

Vulcanized fiber composit wpoxy fiberglass tube

Custom 12KV 15KV 24KV 36KV MV Hight voltage power protect Fuse Body liner tubing Vucanized Fiber composite epoxy fiberglass filament wound tube

Small spiral kraft paper tube and core insulated electrical grade

Custom small electrical insulated kraft paper  spiral paper tube and core .ID3mm to ID15mm ,thin wall 0.15mm up. and paper composite PE film thin wall tubing

Your leading vulcanized fiber sheet tube  washer strip rings manufacturer.

Wellele is a joint venture between well electric and a local Chinese manufacturer of vulcanized fiber. We are inclined to offer you   vulcanized fiber  sheet tube washer manufacturing one-stop solution.

As a renowned vulcanized fiber manufacturer, we are fully capable of producing world-class vf products to meet your business needs.
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