How many types of motors ?

The main categories of motors are:

1. Hydraulic motor: Traditionally, it refers to an energy conversion device that outputs rotational motion and converts the hydraulic energy provided by the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy.

2. High speed motor: Gear motor has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure, good processability, insensitivity to oil pollution, impact resistance, and small inertia.

3. Blade motor; It is a hydraulic motor in which the blades in the rotor slot come into contact with the casing (stator ring), causing the rotor to rotate under the action of the incoming liquid.

4. Radial plunger motor: With good reverse characteristics, making motor operation absolutely quiet, suitable for servo systems.

5. Axial piston motor: It is a type of axial flow distribution cycloidal hydraulic motor with rolling bearing support.

6. Low speed hydraulic motor: simple structure, reliable operation, multiple varieties and specifications, and low price.

7. Axial piston motor: It is a type of axial flow distribution cycloidal hydraulic motor with rolling bearing support.

The basic composition of the motor:

This component consists of an inner gear ring and a matching gear or rotor. The inner gear ring and the housing can be fixed together, and the oil entering from the oil port pushes the rotor to rotate around a central point. This slowly rotating rotor drives the output through a spline shaft to become a cycloidal hydraulic motor.

After the emergence of this initial cycloidal motor, after decades of evolution, another concept of motor also began to form. This type of motor is equipped with rollers in the built-in gear ring, which can provide high starting and running torque. The rollers reduce friction, thereby improving efficiency. Even at very low speeds, the output shaft can produce stable output.

By changing the direction of input and output flow, the motor quickly reverses direction and generates equivalent torque in both directions. Each series of motors has a variety of displacement options to meet various speed and torque requirements。

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